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Carbon Credit

Certified, high-quality carbon offsets through verified reductions and removals.

Supporting voluntary net-zero objectives

Our experts will help you navigate present and future opportunities within our diverse portfolio of nature-based, advanced industrial, agricultural, and renewable energy decarbonization projects. Each purchase of carbon tonnes encourages the creation of new initiatives essential for meeting worldwide climate goals.

Improved Forest

Our forestry portfolio includes the first-ever carbon removal credits recognized by a registry, created through tree growth, alongside conservation credits derived from preventing intensive logging.


The safeguarding and rejuvenation of coastal wetland forests, primarily composed of mangroves, salt marsh plants, and seagrasses, are vital for carbon capture and adapting to climate change.


Fuel-efficient stoves heat up quickly and require less burning time, conserving trees and freeing up more time for women and girls in developing economies to pursue educational opportunities.


Carbon financing initiatives are helping farmers in North America transition to regenerative and climate-restorative agricultural practices.

HFC Reclaim & Reduction

Carbon credit initiatives are financing efforts to recover and recycle refrigerants from outdated products, reducing the need for new production.


Support the capture, redirection, and elimination of methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas produced through the anaerobic breakdown of organic waste in landfills.

Promoting Solutions Inspired by Nature

ClearSky uses cutting-edge satellite monitoring, AI, and on-the-ground data collection to achieve unmatched accuracy in generating credits and proving additional benefits.

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