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Technology Based

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to minimize and eliminate emissions

Harnessing Environmental Commodities and Carbon Markets to Cut Industrial Emissions

ClearSky collaborates with a wide range of partners, including landfill operators, carbon capture and storage entities, biochar producers, and both renewable and conventional energy suppliers, to drive significant climate impact across multiple industries. Our unmatched expertise in environmental market transactions, combined with a varied portfolio, ensures that we deliver the utmost value and insight into managing your environmental attributes and optimizing emission reduction and removal initiatives.

& HFCs

Lowering the Climate Impact of Cooling Agents

We are working to make refrigerants and HFCs—chemicals used in things like air conditioners and refrigerators—less harmful to our planet. We do this by upgrading old systems, replacing them with newer, eco-friendlier options, or recycling the harmful chemicals safely. This helps slow down global warming by reducing the amount of heat-trapping gases released into the atmosphere. These steps are essential for keeping our planet cooler and healthier.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Capturing Carbon from Factories and Natural Sources

We use technology to capture carbon dioxide, a gas from places like factories that can make our planet warmer. This process helps us fight climate change by keeping this harmful gas out of the air, helping protect our environment and keep our air clean.


Preventing Methane Emissions from Landfills Through Effective Food Waste Management

We focus on reducing methane release by diverting food waste from landfills. By responsibly managing and repurposing what would otherwise be waste, we not only decrease methane emissions—a potent greenhouse gas—but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient use of resources. This approach helps mitigate climate change and supports environmental health.


Permanently Capturing Carbon in Agricultural and Industrial Products

We specialize in transforming captured carbon into valuable additives for agriculture and industry. This process permanently locks away carbon, which would otherwise contribute to global warming. By incorporating this carbon into practical products, we not only combat climate change but also enhance the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural and industrial practices. This innovative approach provides a dual benefit of environmental protection and economic utility.

Energy & Power

Harnessing Wasted Energy and Advancing Renewable Solutions for Fossil Fuel Decarbonization

We focus on capturing and utilizing energy that typically goes to waste, integrating renewable energy solutions, and reducing the carbon footprint of fossil fuels. This comprehensive approach not only maximizes energy efficiency but also promotes the transition to cleaner energy sources, crucial for combating climate change and supporting sustainable development. 

Enhancing Climate Benefits and Increasing Revenue from Assets

ClearSky leverages extensive experience across various project types, adhering to all major compliance and voluntary standards, to enhance your environmental and financial outcomes. Whether you're managing an individual project or part of a larger aggregation, we specialize in unlocking new revenue streams through innovative technologies and process enhancements. Our streamlined, customized approach ensures that you maximize both the value and the environmental impact of your assets.

Removal Offsets

Household Devices:

  • Devices that enable households to reduce their carbon emissions in emerging economies.

  • Household device projects generally have strong community benefits in addition to their emissions attributes.
    ⦿ Efficient Cookstoves   ⦿ Efficient Water Filters


Renewable Energy:

  • Offsets represent the reduction in emissions from the avoidance of the burning of fossil fuels by generating renewable power.
    ⦿ Biomass/Biogas – Solar   ⦿ Wind


Methane/GHG Capture & Destruction:

  • Offsets created by capturing and destroying GHG gas.
    ⦿ Mine Methane Capture ⦿ Landfill Gas Capture
    ⦿ Livestock Gas Capture
    ⦿ Ozone Depleting Substances: - N2O abatement

Avoidance Offsets

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCS):

  • Carbon captured from the air via Direct Air Capture (DAC) or at the point source of emissions.

  • CCS is an emerging technology therefore CCS offsets are scarce and very expensive.

Boosting Climate Benefits and Revenue from Assets

With years of expertise across various project types and adherence to all key regulatory and voluntary standards, ClearSky excels at unlocking new revenue streams through innovative technologies and process enhancements. Whether you manage an individual project or multiple assets collectively, our streamlined, customized approach ensures optimal value and environmental impact from your assets.

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