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Our Commitment to Your Privacy

ClearSky’s Privacy Policy is designed to uphold data protection principles that are both understandable and focused on you. We gather and utilize your data solely to enrich your experience and enhance our offerings, ensuring every interaction with ClearSky is secure, transparent, and meticulously tailored to serve your interests. Our dedication lies in safeguarding your digital footprint as we strive to empower your journey toward sustainability. As you explore our eco-conscious solutions, be assured that your privacy stands as our paramount concern, managed with unparalleled expertise, compassion, and a distinctly human touch.

At ClearSky (“the Company”), safeguarding your privacy is integral to our mission. We honor the privacy of everyone who visits our website and utilizes our services, including, abiding by the regulations safeguarding your personal information.

What We Mean by Personal Data
“Personal Data” is information that identifies you as an individual. This includes both information that directly identifies you and information that can be associated with you indirectly, such as:

(I) Information provided during account creation on our website or app;

(ii) When you seek our support or report an issue;

(iii) Details disclosed while engaging with specific services or features;

(iv) Responses provided in surveys or feedback forms;

(v) Technical data, such as your IP address;

(vi) Your login credentials, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform;

(vii) Details regarding your transactions and payments;

(viii) Your interactions with our website, for example:
- The URLs you visit on our site;
- Your activities on our site, including links clicked and products viewed;
- Page response times and download errors;
- Duration of visits to particular pages;
- Other interaction information on web pages.

(ix) Information obtained from third parties, such as partners, subcontractors, payment and delivery services, or referrals by other users.

The Company may share non-identifiable data, whether aggregated or not, with third parties. Be aware that the Company might allow third-party subscription and/or registration-based services on our website. The Company, however, is not accountable for these third parties’ actions or privacy policies. We advise reviewing their privacy policies before providing your personal data to such entities.

By engaging with the Company’s website, you consent to our privacy practices. If you disagree with this policy, please refrain from using the Company’s website(s).

1. Definitions

2. Why the company processes and collects data

ClearSky collects and processes Personal Data for several key reasons:

(I) To honor our commitment to you, ensuring the provision, enhancement, and innovation of our services;

(ii) To research, design, and launch new features or offerings;

(iii) To keep you informed with updates, notifications, and other related details about our services or upon your request;

(iv) To manage overdue payments effectively;

(v) To engage in legal proceedings, seek professional counsel, or protect the legitimate interests of ClearSky, third parties, or our clients;

(vi) To adhere to our legal and regulatory obligations;

(vii) To maintain open communication with you, addressing any inquiries or requests promptly;

(viii) To engage in direct marketing initiatives, but only if you agree to it, and you can always say no later;

(ix) For other purposes that are related to the reasons mentioned above;

(x) When you have specifically agreed to let us do so.

These reasons help us decide what personal details we need from you, how we use them (Section 3), how long we keep them (Section 4), who can see them (Section 5), and your rights regarding your information (Section 6).

3. What data we collect and process

(i) Basic Account Information When you create an account with the Company, we need your email address and country of residence. You will need to choose a username and password. Keep these details private and do not share with anyone. As part of the setup, your account gets a unique ID number, which we use instead of your personal details.

(ii) Transaction and Payment Data For purchases, you will need to provide payment details like credit card and other billing information to the company. We use this information to proceed with the transaction and check for fraud. We also receive similar info from payment providers for the same reasons.

(iii) Information You Share With Us We collect data you provide, like when you post in forums, chat, give feedback, or interact with our services. This includes:

  • What you post or say on our platforms;

  • Chat messages;

  • Details for service requests or purchases, including payment or shipping info;

  • Your entries in contests or responses to surveys.

(iv) Website Interaction Data We collect information about how you interact with our website to improve user experience. This includes the devices you use, your browsing activity, and other engagement metrics.

(v) Service and Subscription Usage We collect information about your usage patterns and preferences for our services, including information about your device and software.

(vi) Cookies and Tracking Technologies We use cookies and similar technology to understand service usage patterns, remember your preferences, and enhance your experience. You can control cookie settings in your browser, but disabling them might affect website functionality. Our servers also log your IP address.

(vii) Third-Party Services We utilize services like Google Analytics and social media logins, which use cookies to analyze your use of our site. The data collected by these services is stored on servers in the United States, and we don't control their cookie use.

(viii) Customizing Your Experience We use the data we collect to tailor content and offers, sending you marketing emails if you have agreed or where allowed by law. You can opt-out of marketing communications anytime via the provided links.

(ix) Preventing Misuse Data is collected to prevent fraud and other violations. This information is stored only as needed and may be retained longer for legal reasons. We might not disclose certain data to protect our security measures.

4. How we store data

(i) Retention Period
We retain your data only as long as necessary for its intended purposes or as required by law. If you decide to close your User Account, we will flag your Personal Data for removal unless legal or significant reasons require a more extended retention period. Please be aware that deleting your data permanently erases all associated information and credits.

(ii) Data Deletion
If it’s not possible to entirely delete your Personal Data due to system integrity, user experience, or community reasons, we will irreversibly anonymize your information. Note that we must keep certain transaction details for up to 10 years as commercial and tax regulations mandate.

Should you revoke your consent for data processing, we commit to promptly deleting your Personal Data, provided that our collection and processing were solely based on your consent. Suppose you object to our processing of your Personal Data. In that case, we will assess your request and delete the information processed under that objection unless we have another legal reason to keep it or are required to do so by law.

(iii) Data Storage Locations
The information we collect may be stored, processed, and transferred within the United States or to other countries outside of your jurisdiction. By providing us with your Personal Data, you consent to this transfer and processing outside your area. Rest assured, we implement robust security measures to protect your data in line with this privacy policy, regardless of where it is processed.

5. Who has access to data

(i) Internal Sharing
ClearSky and its related entities can share your Personal Data among themselves to fulfill the objectives outlined in Section 2. This sharing extends to our global offices, affiliates, business partners, and necessary counterparts, and may occur if our company undergoes reorganization, is sold, or merges.

(ii) Third-party Providers
We work with third-party providers for customer support related to our products and services. Your data is shared with them only as needed and in alignment with this Privacy Policy to offer these support services.

(iii) Operational Use
Your information might also be accessed by our employees, agents, consultants, auditors, partners, financial organizations, and service providers as part of our regular operations or services. This could include processing orders, payments, and providing customer assistance. Additionally, we might share data with those who have a confidentiality obligation with us or as required by law anywhere globally.

(iv) Network Providers
As per Internet protocols, we share necessary details (like your IP address) with network providers that help deliver digital content you request. This ensures content delivery through a network of servers optimized for your location.

(v) Third-party Accounts
If you choose to link your User Account with a third-party account, we will merge information received from the third party with your account data as you have consented. Before linking, we will inform you about the data exchange, and it is your choice to proceed. The third party’s privacy policy will then apply to the shared data.

(vi) Legal Compliance
We may release your Personal Data to meet legal obligations, such as court orders or laws that require us to disclose your information.

(vii) Public Data
Some details related to your User Account are made available to other users through an ID query. At a minimum, your chosen public persona name is visible, and you control the visibility of additional information via your profile settings. However, remember that anything you voluntarily disclose on your public profile can be visible to others.

(viii) Community Interactions
Our platform hosts forums, message boards, and chat areas where shared information is public. Please exercise caution, as posting here could attract attention from third parties, leading to unsolicited communications. If your Personal Data is posted without consent, reach out to us for assistance in its removal.


6. Exercising your rights

You have the right to:
(I) Ask us if we are keeping any Personal Data about you;

(ii) Look at any personal data we collect about you;

(iii) Tell us to fix if there is anything wrong or missing in the Personal Data we have about you;

(iv) Request erasing your Personal Data by deleting your user account.

7. Protecting minors

ClearSky requires individuals to be at least 18 years old to create a User Account. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under this age threshold. In jurisdictions where the legal age for data consent is higher, parental or guardian consent will be required for account creation and data provision by minors. We urge parents and guardians to advise their children on the importance of not sharing personal information on the internet.

8. Contact Information

You can contact the Company’s data protection officer at the addresses below:

103 Cannon St., London, EC4N 5AG

60 Arch St., Second Floor, Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: +1-212-822-9796

New York
437 Madison Ave., 28th Floor, New York, NY 10022
Phone: +1-212-822-9795

13 Route de Florissant, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41-22-818-5235

9. Revision date

The latest update to this privacy policy was made on March 13, 2024. For users who joined us before this update, please note that this version supersedes any previous versions. ClearSky may amend this policy in the future. We will inform our users about the introduction of any updated privacy guidelines. Please be aware that this document does not establish any contractual or legal rights for any entity.

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